2018 Investor Presentation

Press Kit

Trulieve believes in educating and engaging with our various communities. As such, we offer the guidelines below to ensure we are as accessible as possible for the press and communicate a consistent and clear message through press, digital and social media channels for our communities.

We offer several ways to stay up to date on company news as it happens:
Email Alerts – for alerts on press releases, quotes, events – as it happens or weekly summaries
RSS Feeds
Social Media – Company pages to engage with our Truliever community about all things Trulieve
IR Social Channels – Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for a cleaner channel of company news

National Agency
MATTIO, New York, NY
Contact: Colleen Crawford, 678-362-1620, trulieve@mattio.com

Florida Only
VancoreJones, Tallahassee, FL
Contact: Teresa Coulter, 407-808-6139, tcoulter@vancorejones.com 

Arizona Only
The Felice Agency, Phoenix, AZ 
Contact: Ania Kubicki, 602-875-5664, ania@feliceagency.com

Interview Requests and Company Spokespeople
Our goal is to provide you with the most current information at all times. However, as a public company we ask that you remember that we are not always at liberty to share certain items of information, respond to rumors in the market, comment on political issues or events, or disclose material non-public information. We have designated spokespeople to help with media requests and ask that members of the press do not reach out to our team members directly, but instead contact media@trulieve.com to help coordinate and respond to your request.

Cultivation, Production
We are committed to engaging with the press and media and do offer tours at certain points in time of our cultivation and production facilities as well as our dispensaries. These are places of business and we ask that you respect our employees, intellectual property, and our business and not show up unannounced expecting access. If you have a story that would require a visit, we ask that you reach out to request at least 2 weeks in advance so that we can coordinate schedules with the appropriate personnel.

Dispensary Tours
The lobby of our dispensary is open to the general public, however, without a medical marijuana card in medical only states, you are not allowed into the dispensary section of our store. This is a state law. If this request is required for a story, please contact us at least 2 weeks in advance to arrange.

We do not allow photography without express prior written approval. We ask if you are visiting with a Trulieve representative at one of our locations that you do not take photos or videos of our facilities, equipment, plants, or property without our approval.

As part of our Press Kit, we do offer approved photos for download and use.